It’s Always Fair Weather…

A couple people have already asked for a picture of the house! The thing is, I don’t have one. The weather has been downright terrible so far, and I am truly a fair-weather photographer. Will this appease you for the time being? It’s our front entrance, from the inside out. We’ll call it “Welcome to the Farmhouse.”

By the way, can anybody tell me what this plant is? I see that it promises large blooms, but I have no idea what it’s called.

We’re hoping that the weather improves soon, because our to-do list is long and getting longer, with many things to be completed outside. First up, the Mr. is going to complete our fence. We need a gate at the front and a little more length at the back. This is the first step in a very exciting project, and I’ll keep you posted!

It may be dreary out there, but it’s lovely in the house. My kitchen is bright and cheery, the food is good, and I’m snuggled under a beautiful blanket – a gift from Scotland. We’ll call it fair weather after all.


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