Kitchen Busy Box

Sometimes simple toys are best, right? Some of Sweet Pea’s favourite things right now are at her great grandma’s house.

photo 3

Another favourite is this yet-unpacked bin of spices. Those little bottles are just irresistible!

photo 4

Sweet Pea is pretty good at independent play, but she likes me to be nearby. I thought this morning that she needs some kind of box of toys to keep her busy while I’m in the kitchen. This little bin came from the Free Table in our community, and rather than filling it with toys, I decided to fill it with baby-safe kitchen items.

Contents of our Kitchen Busy Box: A couple bamboo plates, wooden spoon, plastic baby spoon, spatula, old spice jar filled with rice, small tupperware container, egg carton, measuring cup, empty water bottle, empty formula canister, IKEA dish brush (another favourite!), and a colourful cloth napkin. I will add a couple empty cardboard food boxes as I get them. This was a totally free little kit to put together, and can adapt and change as she grows, or as disposables need to be disposed of.

photo 2

I think it’s a hit – this managed to keep her busy long enough for me to unpack 2 kitchen boxes. Long overdue, I now have cupboards to unpack into, and I found plates, bowls and drinking glasses. Success.

photo 1


Well Hello There

It’s been a while, I know. I’ll just be honest – the first half and a bit of pregnancy was rough. I’m finally feeling like I’m coming back to life, and I thought I’d celebrate that with a quick post.

A lot of people have seen this on Facebook already, but I really should post there less and here more, and besides – I thought my grandma would want to see, too.

We welcomed the end of the 24/7 nausea and the beginning of spring with a bit of paint in what will be this baby girl’s (yes, that’s right, girl!) room. It took us more than a couple days to clear out what had become our storage/junk room, but the painting is going splendidly. I decided on white walls and a light green trim rather than the more-usual other way around, and I’m so glad I did. The Mr. is doing the painting, of course, but when he’d taken down the tape from this little window and I finally walked in to take a look, well… it took my breath away (and no, it wasn’t the fumes). How pretty is THIS?


Somebody who saw this photo asked me if that was the REAL view. Yes, it really is. Our cherry tree is in full bloom, and is right outside this window. Pretty neat.

And this is the pretty light fixture we installed, and the reason these walls couldn’t stay yellow. It makes a pretty impressive picture all together, but more complete pictures will have to come later – we have a lot more work to do!