Green Onion Supply

I hate buying green onions. They’re just one of those things I always seem to end up tossing – I buy a bunch for a recipe that really only needs one or two, and the rest end up in the compost pile after trying and failing to look lively in the vegetable drawer for a while.

Well, a post on Pinterest told me I could regrow those little bulbs, with hardly any effort. It seemed both unbelievable and obvious at once, and just before I tossed my last 4, I decided to give it a whirl. The premise is simple: cut the green down to 1-2 inches above the bulb (use the cut part in your meal), stand the bulbs in a little bit of cool water, and place in a sunny window. There you go… green onions forever! I do change the water once in a while, every 2-3 days, when I think about it.

Here’s a blurry picture after only 2 days. I had forgotten about them. See the new growth over where I had cut? The outside layer doesn’t regrow.


And here, after a total of a week. If you staggered these (when you started them), you’d really have a good supply. I may at some point try planting them in a little pot and just trimming as needed. I’m so impressed by how lovely and fresh they look!



Be Bee Friendly

My dad took this beautiful photo outside of our office a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, it’s bee-opolis! Can anybody tell us what the bush is? I’d be interested in getting one for our yard.

We’re all aware of the vanishing honeybees issue. While we’re not quite ready to start keeping bees (though it’s a hopeful one-day project for me), we’re keen to make our yard and garden more bee-friendly. I found this helpful list and want to keep it in mind as we choose our plants:

In our yard, we find lots of  buttercups and honeysuckle (reportedly planted by my great-grandmother). We have lavender and rosemary, and several fruit trees. There are hawthorn, hazel, and maple trees. The Mr. plans to plant a blueberry bush, and I’d like to add cilantro, thyme and a variety of mints to our herb garden. Fruits and veggies… well, we’ll see. 😉

You know what’s great about not using our lights? We have somewhere to hang our herbs for drying! I trimmed this lovely lemon balm plant today. A gift from a  friend, and the rest will be planted in the garden.