Sleepless Nights

Last night was rough.

Isla was coughing and unable to find her way back to sleep once it woke her – the Mr. wisely abandoned bed for couch and I lay there in a half-doze for what felt like HOURS (I didn’t dare check) as she seemingly bounced around the bed. At one point as she rolled onto my arm AGAIN I kinda snapped at her a bit, and she whimpered, and then it occurred to me that in however long we’d been trying to find sleep I hadn’t offered a cuddle. So I did. “Would you like a hug?” “Yeah please.” Her little forehead pressed against my cheek, the breathing became normal and started to deepen… the coughing stopped, the fidgeting stopped, all in minutes.

A whisper: “I love you, bunny.”
No response. Yes, she’s asleep. I can sleep.
“… I luff you, too… mama.”
YES. I’ve got this.
And then the alarm rang.

This poem below came across my Facebook page from my now-favourite blog, (ignore the fact that the author spelled her own site’s name incorrectly in this now-viral image. She points out that sleep deprivation is winning).

More great bits and pieces from this author here.




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