Favourite-Things Friday

I’m sure other blogs do a “Favourite-things Friday,” but I don’t know any… so if you’d like to join me, do so in the comments, please!

One of the things I found in the house struck me as a “favourite” and my iPhone actually managed to get a pretty good picture of it. There is, in our basement, a no-longer-functional chimney in our basement. I gather it originally went up to a wood stove in the kitchen, which is sadly no longer there (too bad! What I wouldn’t do to have it!). Anyway, some of the bricks are stamped as shown in the photo, and I just thought it was really neat.

A designated heritage site, Clayburn Village is about half an hour away from us, and I know it for the little tea shop there. I found some history on the village website when I was looking for more information about these bricks. Apparently, Clayburn is considered the first “company town” in B.C. – neat! Here’s what the website has to say about these bricks:

The discovery of high grade clay throughout Sumas Mountain and the demand for bricks brought Clayburn Village into being. The Village and brick plant were built more than a century ago, in 1905, by Charles Maclure, son of John Maclure, a former Royal Engineer and B.C. pioneer. Because of fall off in demand, the brickplant, after operating for a quarter century, was dismantled in 1931.

So, the bricks downstairs definitely pre-date the house! I wonder where they may have originally been used.


  1. Kate,

    Across the road from the teahouse in Clayburn village is a park. If you walk around the park to the southeastern corner, you will stumble over the ruins of the old brick factory. As I recall it’s in underbrush just north of the road.


  2. love your blog Kate, however, not sure if you REALLY want to know where or how those bricks were used before settling into your farmhouse. (imagination runs amok over here)
    i LOVE your photo

    when you are settled and okay for company, i am coming for tea


  3. Your great Aunt Sallie says that her mother used to have a brick that she used to hold the door open at the much more humble original house. Perhaps this was one of those bricks. Herb bought a lot of used bricks at a good price so it is probably one of those. Ask Albert for more details.


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