Tree Musings

This is a short post, because I’m still packing here. Growing up on the west coast, I’ve always loved the trees. I feel at home in the woods, in parks thick with foliage, and in the cherry-tree lined streets of Vancouver and my old neighbourhood. And I’ve been thinking a lot about them in general lately.

I’m sad we didn’t get a family photo on the farm, under this gorgeous cherry tree, while it was full with blossoms. This is a picture of it just around this time last year, through the freshly-painted window that would soon be my baby’s room.


We finally planted the magnolia tree that has been sitting in a pot since about this time last year. I wanted to buy a tree for the baby. Having decided to move, I wondered where to plant it, and finally decided it should be here. Sweet Pea’s first home, her birth place, ancestral land. Yes. The new lady of this house is an avid gardener, and I consulted with her as to where she’d like it. She suggested a spot in the front yard, and we got it in the ground just yesterday. I know it will be well cared for, and I love that we’ll be able to see if when we come by on walks.

photo 1

And, in what I think is wonderful timing to be taken as a very good sign, our cohousing community is having a tree planting on Sunday, the day after we move in. When we took a load of boxes there the other day (in fact, the same day the magnolia was planted), there were a bunch of potted cedars and instructions to choose one, label it, and show up to plant it on Sunday. Almost all were already claimed, but this little shorty was still looking for a human to choose it – perfect for a 9 month old! My girl’s got a tree with her name on it at the new house.

photo 2

I’m pretty happy about that.

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