Sprout Baby App Review

I’ve been meaning to do this app review for awhile now, but with several friends giving birth in the next few months, I figured I better get it done now.

App: Sprout Baby for iPhone and iPad

For: Parents of brand new babies.

Cost: Free 2 week trial, $4.99 thereafter.

Sprout Baby by Med ART Studios is a wonderfully useful app for new parents. As a first time mom I didn’t see this coming, but when I gave birth I was given a sheet to fill out recording all our feedings and diaper changes. As you may know, breastfeeding got off to a shaky start for me and Sweet Pea, and she lost 9% of her birthweight in the first couple days, which did not make the nurses very happy. They wanted to keep a VERY close eye on how many diapers we were going through. And, when I started to supplement Isla with formula, it was crucial to be able to track how much I was giving her, and when.

I got tired of that paper fast, and 8 weeks in, I still want to know how much formula Sweet Pea is getting. I knew there must be “an app for that,” and I was right – I looked at a whole bunch, and Sprout Baby came up the clear winner.  This app has everything I’ve needed so far, including:

  • Feeding Tracker – you can track breast feeding and/or bottles.
  • Pumping Tracker – I haven’t used this, but if you want to know how much breast milk you’re pumping, this is your friend.
  • Diaper Change Tracker – used for the first several weeks of Sweet Pea’s life to reassure myself, and provide ready answers for the nurses and midwives.
  • Sleep Tracker – I’ve only just started using this. I’m looking for patterns, now… and not really finding any yet. 😉
  • M.D. Visit Planner – schedule and take notes.
  • Growth Tracker – we tracked Sweet Pea’s weight quite carefully, and I love the graphs.
  • Immunizations – this is coming up for us!
  • Medication Tracker – haven’t had to use this yet, but definitely will in the future. Tracking doses given is very important, as I am forgetful.

What I Love: The app supports syncing across devices for multiple caregivers. You can also have profiles for more than one child. While I won’t need to keep tracking diaper changes and feedings, it will still be useful to track immunizations and medications when Sweet Pea is older, so I appreciate this feature.

This app is pretty. It’s fun to use. Alongside all the mundane baby-caring tasks listed above, Sprout Baby allows you to track milestones and memories with short text (think tweets) and pictures. With a newly-available in-app purchase, you can even turn all those milestones into an ebook… I suppose this is the new baby book for the digital world.

And, it creates a beautiful newspaper-like view for your home page. Here’s ours at the moment:


It gives you a “Today at a Glance” section full of tips that are appropriate for the age of your child:

photo copy

And “A Closer Look” which talks about the developmental milestones your baby may be reaching. I find it particularly charming that they use your baby’s name throughout the text… very nice touch:

photo copy 2

And as is often the case, the whole thing is even lovelier on the iPad, which I tend to use more often while nursing:


What I Don’t Love: As somebody who works in app design, I am critical of those that I use. If it doesn’t work exactly as I want it, I won’t use it. This app is near perfect. Before the last update I may have had something to say about the Sleep Tracker, but the developers apparently read my mind, and it’s been fixed. I have only one feature request, in regards to the Feeding Tracker; for breast feeding moms, the app tracks how long you feed from each side, and has a marker to remind you which you last fed from. That marker is removed if you do a bottle in between breast feeding sessions, and I think it would be extremely useful for us combo-feeding moms for the marker to remain from the last breast feed. But really, this is a minor complaint.

Recommendation: Buy this. Sprout has separate apps that track just feeding or diaper changes or sleep. I’m not sure why. They are $2.99 each, and don’t provide nearly the full feature set that Sprout Baby has.  If you are thinking you just want to use it to track the feeds and diaper changes you need to track while you’re in the hospital, the 2 week free version will be everything you need. If you need to track beyond that, you can purchase later. Or, if like me, you see usefulness in being able to track future growth, immunizations and medications, just go ahead and spend the $5. I promise you’ll find it worthwhile.

* I am not affiliated with Med ART Studios, and am in no way being compensated for this review. All of these opinions are just my opinions.