This Is Where We Live

This folks, is where we live.


Here is a back-yard view, just for you.

I learned today that when you have  a house, and a yard, it’s not a bad idea to go outside and take a look around. We’ve only been here a week and it’s been raining, so I don’t feel like I’ve been remiss in not getting out there sooner, but it is important. You can take a camera with you if you like – I think you might see different things. For instance, I was in the backyard happily taking photos like the one above, satisfied in knowing that my washing machine was doing a good job of cleaning something inside without me needing to be there.

When all of a sudden, I spotted this (the Mr. quickly rushed to the scene). Did somebody say that having a house was quite different from renting a little suite? I just wanted to let y’all know that you were right.

And sometimes, when out and about with a camera, you spot fun things too, like this little guy under a rhododendron (by the way, we seem to have several), I decided to leave him there for now.