Canadian Chickens…

… need Canadian roosts. Hey dad, is this idea in 50 Things to Make with a Broken Hockey Stick? It should be!

Xena seems to be the most appreciative of our resourcefulness. She likes to curl up in the corner, but I’ve also seen her on the roost! I love having a view of Chicken TV from my kitchen window.

Meanwhile, Pearl seems to think I’m dead crazy for wearing these shoes. She’s probably right. I imagine the conversation… “What the heck ARE those things on your feet?”

I don’t know either, little bird. I just don’t know.

They’re Here!

I didn’t post yesterday because I was exhausted (in a good way… it was a great day)! But people want to know about the chickens, surely, now that they’ve arrived. I’ll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves on this one.

The Mr. preparing. You can see the coop is up on it’s risers now. I think it looks great, and I’m so proud to be married to a guy who can throw something like this together on my “let’s get chickens” whim. 

The girls getting acquainted with their new space. Aren’t they pretty? The one with the silvery wing-tips (left, front) is Pearl. The Mr. wanted a pirate-y name for her as she only has one eye. Good female pirate names are few and far between.

Yes, it’s true, we have named the chickens. How can you not when there are only four? This is Marta.

Xena and Camilla. I’ll let you work out which is which… I’m sure you can!

And, Miss Cora taking her first look! She’s looking a bit intense, right? One escaped this morning and Cora got ahold of her. Pearl is a trooper – she’s safe and well, though the other hens were definitely concerned about her, and are acting a bit protective.

I love them. We’ve had three sets of visitors stop by to meet them today! I think they’re going to be very popular.

A House For The Ladies

Our chickens are arriving on Saturday! The Mr. has been very busy working on the coop, so I’ll show you some work-in-progress. I am slightly embarrassed by how long it’s been since I blogged, but these things happen.

One of the advantages to being married to somebody who works on-call is that on occasion he doesn’t get called to work and ends up Getting Things Done at home. When I left for work today the coop looked something like this:









When I got home, I was amazed to see this structure up over that old sandbox. My husband is awesome:









As an interesting note, almost all of the materials we needed for the coop and the chicken run came to us for free. The door shown above was found abandoned in our garage. A lot of the wood was scrap that our dads had. The fencing and shingles were donated by somebody who had them laying around… people clearly want eggs. We wanted to get a visual as to where the coop would sit in relation to the run, so we brought it over. Mostly, I pretended to help bring it over for the below picture (excuse the closed eyes, I thought the whole thing was pretty funny), and my dad took over from there:









The guys discussed placement options. I believe we have decided on the coop being outside of the run with their ramp leading in, roof sloping down toward the back fence with the flap for egg collection facing the yard. Subject to change, of course:









Check back in on Saturday for an update!

Chickens! It’s True!

My dad sent me the following list for what that old sandbox could possibly be. There are some great ideas! Here they are in case you ever have an old sandbox to deal with:

  • a sheep shearing pen
  • a pigeon loft
  • just a cleaned-up sandbox for visitors
  • a place for a garden
  • where the hot tub goes (I like this idea!)
  • a pond
  • a litter box for a lady with many cats
  • a source of sand that would be reused beneath a brick patio and/or walkway
  • a place to put a swing
  • somewhere to practice building sand castles
  • a base for a tool shed
  • a base for a greenhouse
  • a base for a playhouse
  • a base for aliens to land their spacecraft put
  • a bench beside it and run your feet through the sand on a hot day
  • a cactus garden
  • a zen garden
  • fun archeological dig area
  • source material for making your own glass
  • an eco-friendly place to make plans (just add a stick to draw things)
  • a practice sand-trap for golfers

But, I’ll stop holding you in suspense. Cynthia was right with her guess – it is going to be the base for a chicken coop. To be fair to my grandma, she also guessed correctly, but she told me in person (isn’t that sweet?). It’s true, we’re going to get chickens. Only a few for eggs, and no… no rooster.

We’re going to name one Camilla.