Kiddo’s Book of the Week: Pouch

UnknownA new feature on the blog… we’ll see how it takes off. I’ve got a toddler who loves books. We probably read for an hour a day, cumulatively, or close. We’ve started going to the library regularly just so I don’t get bored, and I found this gem of a book: Pouch, by David Ezra Stein.

We loved it so much that when it was finally due back at the library I ordered a couple copies – one for our library, and one for a 2nd birthday gift last night for a fellow babywearing family.

What it’s about:

Little Joey Kangaroo is ready to leave his mama’s pouch and explore the world. However, whenever he comes across another animal he gets a little spooked and yells “pouch!” while he leaps back to his secure spot. Eventually, he meets another little kangaroo and they find it very funny that they are both scared… and decide that maybe this time they don’t need to retreat after all.

Why we love it:

  • Each time Joey leaves the pouch he hops a little further. Two hops, three hops, four… good counting fun, here.
  • Beautiful, gentle, simple illustrations.
  • It’s fun to yell “POUCH!” together when Joey spooks and jumps back to his Mama.
  • We are babywearers. So are kangaroos!
  • We can relate to the need for little ones to explore but have a homebase “pouch” to come back to. Eventually, I’m sure, I will offer “wrap?” and Sweet Pea will say “no thanks.” Excuse me, I need a tissue.

You might need this book if:

  • You like kangaroos.
  • You have a toddler who is just starting to explore the world.
  • You babywear.
  • You are sappy about babywearing.
  • You are happy-sappy about your toddler’s increasing independence.
  • Your toddler is starting to make friends.
  • Love You Forever is just too sad for you.
  • You just enjoy a sweet, simple story with beautiful illustrations.

This is good in board-book form for your babies, and probably still a fun story through about 5-6 years old.

Just to make sure I’m clear: these hops toward independence are an experience any parent and child can relate to, babywearers or not. We just happen to love wrapping, and so find it fun to read tales of other parent-baby duos with carriers.

Interested in checking out Pouch? The whole thing is on YouTube, which is another fun way to enjoy the story: