New Year, New Blog

We’ve been here in our cohousing community for a solid 8 months now, and the last of the boxes upstairs have been unpacked. We’re on to painting and other exciting projects, and if I’m being honest, I stopped blogging because “The Little Farmhouse” felt awfully irrelevant.

So, here we are, making my blog relevant again. At least to me.

Why Love and Peas Mama?

When I took my nutrition courses many years ago, I registered as a possible business website for the future. I’ve never done anything with it, and a few months ago we directed The Little Farmhouse to this URL.

It finally occurred to me, late last night, that it’s actually an excellent name for this blog, as I try to fill our new home with love, good food, and listen to “pease, Mama” dozens of times a day as my girl discovers there is power in words.

So that’s it, friends. That’s the quick story of the new blog title and look. Welcome to 2015, and welcome to Love and Peas Mama. We hope you’ll stick with us this year for recipes, crafts, musings, and messy life with a toddler.


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