Works For Me – What to do with that peri bottle

Linking up today to Works for Me Wednesday from We are THAT Family.

When you give birth at a hospital, you will be given a peri bottle. If you’re home birthing, it’s probably on your list of recommended supplies (it was on my list, though we didn’t end up with a home birth). It looks like this:



It’s used for… keeping things clean. Moving on now.

Alright so, save that sucker! If you’ve already tossed yours and you still have a baby at home, go buy one – I promise they’re cheap (I know this because the hospital gives it to you for free). You may like an extra one anyway.  It’s about to be your best friend in baby washing. A peri bottle has several holes in the lid, so it delivers a really gentle but effective spray. 

It is the BEST thing to use to rinse your baby, especially baby’s hair. I am simultaneously proud of myself for thinking of this (though a google search suggests it’s not an original thought, imagine that), and a bit annoyed that it took me 9 weeks to think of it.

I’m saving you those 9 weeks of tears in the tub, my friend. Use the peri bottle. Enjoy happier bathtimes.




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