Introducing Miss Sweet Pea

It’s time to post to announce the arrival of our beautiful baby girl. Isla arrived via cesarean on July 15, at 3:45 pm. I know people really want photos in this type of post, so I won’t make you wait.

Brand new to this world and still protesting:


Snuggles with Daddy should be taken seriously:

photo copy 2

Relaxing after a long day of eating and sleeping:

photo copy

Labour and delivery were a far cry from the home birth we had originally planned for. I may write more of a birth story sometime later – but to be completely honest, by the time we hit 38 weeks gestation and were talking about inducing (my blood pressure was high, and continuing to climb), my thoughts were more along the lines of “Birth Plan: bring home a baby.”

So we did.

A c-section is quite bizarre, to me. Maybe birth is just strange all around. There was something a bit surreal about not feeling anything, not knowing what’s going on behind that (helpful! necessary!) blue sheet,  suddenly hearing that cry… and falling in love with it before you ever set eyes on the little person it’s coming from.  Our hospital stay was long, but the Mr. and I both agree that we can see value in our time there, where we had nothing to do but learn who this little girl is.

We’ve now been home a week. We are incredibly grateful for help and meals from family and friends. I have never been so glad that my mom is a teacher, and is home all summer. We delighted in introducing Sweet Pea to her extended family, and watching the ways in which she resembles them. The dog is protective and curious and affectionate (and surely a bit confused). Sweet Pea and I both love the Maya Wrap sling for walks. We are finding breast feeding challenging still, but are rocking the cloth diaper world already. The Mr. and I are smitten with this wee thing. How could we not be?:

photo copy 4

Infertility, pregnancy, and labour & delivery have taught us to be more flexible. Absolutely nothing has gone as planned, and yet… here I am writing this post with my daughter curled up against my chest. So, a Parenting Plan? Look after this baby, and love her with all our hearts.


  1. What a wonderful post! I’m glad you’re learning about flexibility! If there’s one thing I learned in having my own kids AND my teaching job, it is be flexible. Oh, and this little girl has changed my life completely already! I love being Nana!


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