Lemon-Coconut Squares with Raspberries & White Chocolate

Oh yeah, you read that right.

I had my mom and my grandma over for lunch today, and wanted to pull out my fancy tea things. So I needed some fancy food.

I am not exactly a Woman of Leisure on this maternity leave – more like She of Many Appointments – so fancy food needed to be fast and easy. I picked up a box of Lemon-Coconut Squares at the local grocery store. You could make your own, of course, or you could be lazy (and perhaps a bit deceptive) like me. I stopped at the local berry farm for fresh in-season raspberries, grabbed a bag of white chocolate chips… and these beauties were ready to go in less than 5 minutes.

If you make your own you’ll need to slice your bars or squares. If you bought them, you’ll want to put them on a fancy plate – it makes it look like more effort. 😉

Pick the best & firmest raspberries you can find in the basket. I did 3 per bar. I could have cut the bars in half and just done one each.

Melt your white chocolate chips in a Ziploc bag or piping bag of some sort. I use a Ziploc sandwich bag held closed with a Pampered Chef Twixit Clip. The trick is to melt the chocolate at VERY low temperature, for very little time. In my microwave, three short 30-second bursts at half power, with lots of squeezing the bag in between, does the trick. I have also done this sort of thing in hot water.

Trim the tiniest corner off your piping bag. I mean it, make it very small. I had to do this twice, because the first was just way too big and was getting messy.

Now, just fill a raspberry with your melted white chocolate. This is going to solidify into something delicious. You want to overfill it slightly because the excess becomes the “glue” – now flip it over and set it on top of the coconut. Work quickly, and do one at a time. When all the raspberries are in place, drizzle with your extra chocolate for the pretty factor. They’ll look something like this:


That’s it. Admire. Impress yourself, I won’t tell. Be nice, and share with others. Serve with tea, of course:

photo 2

Still have some extra melted chocolate? Fill the rest of those raspberries and freeze them (just set them on a bit of wax paper). Eat when your guests go home.

You can thank me later.


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