The Nursery Revealed

Well hi… it’s been a while! We’ve been busy, and this is mostly a photographic post to show you what’s been done.

It may be silly that I was feeling so driven to get the nursery finished before the baby arrives. She’s likely going to sleep in our room for quite some time, but if nothing else, I needed space to put her STUFF, and I wasn’t happy to just cram it into an already crowded room. So, we cleaned it out, tore out carpet, removed an old wardrobe, painted, re-carpeted, bought furniture… and how about I just let you see it for yourself? As usual, you can click on any photo to see a larger version.

The view from the door toward the opposite corner, featuring the IKEA sun light. This is one of those things that fit with the vision but didn’t “click” until everything else got into the room – and now I love it. I also love the new IKEA wardrobe, made much prettier with decals. The curtains were mine when I was a little girl – excuse the slightly odd placement, but they’re held back over the rod for now. My mom is making new tiebacks, and she also made a matching valance for the small window:


Wardrobe, you say? Girl’s got one:


Straight ahead from the door, toward the crib. Bee mobile, muslin sheets (where do I get muslin for a queen-sized bed?), and three beautiful art panels:


They say “sweet dreams…” and “I wish the moon could talk.” The canvas on the adjacent wall says “I wish for a bedtime story.”


Crib, with a little IKEA holder for stuffies:


A closer look at the forward-facing bookshelves, which we made out of IKEA spice racks. Books for babies are important to us, here, and I love that we’ve got a good collection going. At this rate, she’ll be able to take 100 kids books to Kindergarten for 100 Day, just like I did when I was 5… true story! This might be my favourite part of the whole room. That’s a cute classic set of Winnie the Pooh prints in between the shelves:


Another great Pinterest idea – magazine rack to hold blankets that should be displayed:


Under that small window we’ve put up a picture that was cross stitched by my grandmother. Pinkie and Blue Boy are a bit of a family thing. I’m not sure why, but I like it. This teddy bear version just had to be put up in the nursery:


More bee decor above the change-table/dresser. Decal says “I wish I could touch the clouds with my toes…”


You want closeups of those pictures? I know you do! They’re Anne of Green Gables prints which I picked up in PEI. I hadn’t found a spot for them in the house yet, but I absolutely adore them here. I think this kid has no choice but to like books.


Cora thanks you for looking… I think she’s pleased, too!



  1. Good job!! You have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of putting this little nursery together, and you are going to get years of pleasure from it in time to come, and so is little ?. :O) Blue
    It’s been fun going through this adventure with you.


  2. You guys did such a fantastic job!! I’m definitely going to be stealing some of those ideas when we get a room for Connor. It’s funny while looking through the photos I kept thinking how you’ll have to move so much stuff once baby is mobile. But the good news is that most girls are not as destructive as boys! lol


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