Lilla Rose Party & SPECIAL!

So, do you know about Lilla Rose hair accessories? If you’re a Canadian blog follower, I’m betting you’ve never seen them! I was introduced to them ages ago through somebody’s blog, but I was skeptical – I have hair that slips out of clips easily. Eight or so months later  my mom mentioned that she thought I’d probably want to grow my hair out long so I’ll be able to put it up out of grasping reach of the baby. I thought “no way am I wearing a ponytail every day,” and I took another look. I ordered a couple clips, and I’m never looking back. Here’s my pretty collection in three different sizes:




I’m having an online party, because I think everybody should take a look at these. You can join the party chatter on Facebook, or register directly on the party site.

Did I mention that our fab consultant, Sarah Ives, is running a special for this party? She’s offering a Buy 3 Get 1 Free Deal for new Lilla Rose customers! If you’ve never purchased from Lilla Rose before, simply purchase 3 or more items and then e-mail her for details about getting your FREE item (up to $16 value!).

Take a look at Sarah’s site and leave me a comment letting me know which you would choose as your freebie!

What I love about the flexi-clips:

  1. They were easy to figure out. I’ve bought hair do-dads before that I’ve struggled with for hours, only to give up. When my first two flexis arrived, I spent about half an hour watching a few videos and playing with different styles, and I got the gist.
  2. They’re quick to put in your hair. QUICK! I can make a ponytail or a twist at a stoplight.  I think I’m going to appreciate this brevity in the coming months when I’m a new mom.
  3. You won’t lose the pin. Because it’s attached. This would be an issue for me if it wasn’t – I’m incredibly disorganized. Enough said.
  4. No headaches. I get headaches and migraines. I am not naive enough to think that flexis will cure me, but at least they won’t make things worse. This was all a dilemma with elastics – can’t have my hair up in one, but who wants their hair down and in their way when they aren’t feeling well?
  5. No breakage. I have lots of curly hair, and curly hair is known for being fragile. I was always annoyed when I realized that my elastic bands were full of hair that had literally broken as I removed the elastic. I’ve yet to find a single hair left behind in a flexi clip, and I like that. Less breakage is less frizz for us curly girls.
  6. It holds. These things really hold. I don’t like to fuss around with things with a lot, and I don’t want to have to redo my do 5 times a day. I like that the flexi clip holds my hair up and doesn’t slip, even throughout a particularly active day. I can’t wait to buy flexis for our kiddo down the road – I have a feeling her daddy and teachers will be glad to not have to be fussing with fixing her hair.
  7. You can rest comfortably. Ever tried to lean back in the car or snuggle up on the couch wearing a claw clip? OUCH! I actually fell asleep on the couch with my hair in a twist held by a flexi-clip, and woke up 2 hours later still perfectly comfortable. Oh, and my hair still looked good enough that I went out for dinner. True.
  8. They’re really pretty. I’m not the most fashionable lady. I live in jeans, I don’t get up early enough to put on makeup, and frankly at the moment, my ugly flip flops are about the only shoes that fit. But I can have pretty clip in my hair, even if it’s a simple ponytail – it really dresses up the maternity capris. 😉

Party is open until Monday, May 20th. I hope you love Lilla Rose as much as I do!

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