Sunday, 08Jul2012

Outside my window… Sun! Finally, sun! We’ve had a couple days of it, but today is the first really hot day and though the sudden change is a bit of a shock to the system, I’m enjoying that sunshine. The windows are open, the chicks were let out of the coop, and Cora is basking around happily. I’m sitting on the couch while I blog, looking out my window, and watching 4 horses across the street take a little gallop across their field. Right now. This neighbourhood is beautiful.

I am thankful… for a good night’s sleep last night. It’s been a while.

In the kitchen… I’ve made fresh salsa for tonight, and we’re just eating things like bread and cheese for small meals. There’s no need to turn on the oven or stand over the hot stove in weather like this. I’m planning ceviche acalpulco for dinner tomorrow night, maybe a little fresh avocado with that. I’m happy with warm-weather food.

I am wearing… just casual junky cool clothes for working in the house today, but I’ll be chancing into my favourite $20 summer dress for a family gathering tonight. And on a fun note, I’ve just painted my nails with nail polish from Del Sol. I picked up a bottle on my cruise last year (they have Del Sol shops in nearly every port) – it changes colour in the sun! So much fun. Hey mom… will you grab me a bottle or two when you travel this summer?

I am creating… crocheted can cozies. I HATE holding a cold can that gets everything wet. These were a cute little pattern that I found, but I won’t say too much more because I’ll want to share a surprise photo when they’re done.

I am going… to mom’s for a small family BBQ tonight.

I am wondering… where my cross-stitch stuff is. I need a needle to sew a button onto a crochet project, and beyond that, I have a stitch project that really needs to get done!

I am reading… cookbooks. I’ve just found and unpacked mine. They’re lined up on the sideboard in the kitchen which looks fantastic, so I’ve been leafing through them for new ideas.

I am hoping… that training Cora to stay in the yard may actually work. So far we’ve attempted to just KEEP her in the yard, but now I’m actually attempting to TRAIN her to stay. This morning went well, but it will take a lot of concentrated effort for a while.

I am looking forward to… a couple walks on the dike with my pup this week. The weather will be fine for it, and we all enjoy getting out there where she can run around off-leash.

Around the house…  I’m seeing some progress! It’s always a work-in-progress around here, but it’s nice when the scale to tips to “somewhat better than it was.” I’ve been on a renewed effort to unpack boxes that have sat in the basement all year.

The Mr. is… doing a great job cleaning out the basement. He’s wanting to start building a front gate this week, which I’m very much looking forward to.

One of my favorite things…  The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Have you seen this yet? I went with my parents last week and just loved it. I’m hoping that it comes to our cheapie theatre here soon so that I can take the Mr., too. I think he’d definitely enjoy it. It was visually stunning, with great weaving story lines – if you haven’t seen it, go.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Honestly, I have no idea yet. I’d like to meet a friend for a stroll, finish some crochet projects, and make progress on that good ol’ household binder that I’ve been thinking about since May.

A peek into my day: Having lived in places with limited laundry facilities, I won’t lie – I love my dryer. But I also love the opportunity to hang laundry out on the line. It’s so great to have the best of both worlds, here!

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  1. Wow! You must not be anywhere in the US. They would give anything for relief from the heat. We got our relief yesterday, and today I’ve felt a little chilly in the house, and I’m not in the US either.

    Yay for cross-stitch! Hope you find yours. Mine seems to be everywhere.


  2. I had that nail polish from my cruise! I also got the tank and a beach bag that changes colour too. Fun things.

    We’ve had a heat wave of epicness here… I’m happy its cooling down. ❤


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