Chicken News, and Lots of Photos

Man, is there every a lot going on with the chickens. We’ve got two little coops going at the moment… and it’s busy. First, Peaches became broody and so we decided to let her hatch. We’re still hoping for a few new hens, and unfortunately we had to “off” the bully hen (Xena the warrior chicken), and Lucky turned out to be a rooster (more on that in a minute). So here’s Peaches protecting her little clutch. I think this was just pre-hatch.


We successfully ended up with 6 little chicks this time around. They all look different which is nice, except 2 identical little yellow ones. They’re all adorable of course, but this one is particular photogenic:


You know, it’s hard to get all 6 chicks in one photo! This was the best I could do, and was taken today. A week old and their feathers are coming in:


And here’s the proud mama hen, wondering why on Earth I would open the door to the coop today. I thought it was time for the babies to go out, but she doesn’t yet agree with my suggestion. One DID go out – I went to investigate when I heard the chirping. She was at the bottom of the ramp not sure what to do, and Peaches was up top not willing to leave the rest of her brood but keeping a watchful eye. She did hop down and take on the dog when she got too close, though, there’s a fine mesh fence between, so the chick was in no danger, but I was impressed to see her puff up and give Cora a firm peck on the nose.


And here’s our not-so-little Lucky, last weekend, just before he was taken away. We’re not keeping roosters here. Isn’t he handsome? Lucky turned out to be very lucky indeed – as a purebred araucana, we had no trouble finding a home for him down at my uncle’s farm. Much nicer than the alternative. Thanks Lucky – you were a great first hatch!


We traded Lucky for a couple little bantams. They’ve been sweetly named Marigold and Buttercup, though we can’t tell them apart. I’ll try to get some pictures soon, but they like to roost and aren’t so keen on leaving the coop yet. Hopefully we’ll see them soon!


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