One Lucky Chick

A while ago (four weeks or so) we decided to let our broody hen, Xena, sit on a clutch of Araucana eggs.  Out of the 12 eggs we started with, we ended up with a lone chick – and have appropriately named her Lucky! Can you imagine how excited we were to see her hatching? Araucanas are a breed of chicken from Chile. They lay beautiful bluish-green eggs, and I’m excited to have added one to our coop! Okay, I’d like a couple more, but Lucky is a nice start. She’s a gorgeous little thing:



It definitely would have been nice to end up with a couple more chicks, but we’re both doting on Lucky for now and hope to get some more for hatching in the near future. Cora seemed to like her, too. They’ve met twice. Cora sniffs carefully, and Lucky peeps – but we’re not letting go of her just yet!


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