Happy Equinox

I’m not online – I’m honouring my screentime limit. But I’m scheduling this post to wish you a Happy Equinox, at the exact time of the Equinox in Vancouver.

Here we go. The lights, by now, will be off. I may even be asleep. This after-work time is when I typically want to nap. I’m desperately staying up now in an attempt to sleep earlier later.

I will admit that I am nervous. But also excited. Today my husband was home and really cleaned things up here. There are still things I want to do (move some furniture, pack away some lamps) but it’s okay if they don’t get done tonight – I have 365 days for this.

And I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Sleep schedules are based on melatonin levels in the brain, so reducing light at a time you’d like to start sleeping at should eventually start letting those levels increase therefore making you sleepy! Hopefully the soft light from lanterns let that happen.
    People are so used to bright lights all day and their computers- it restricts the level of melatonin making it hard to fall asleep at a good time when the body needs it.
    Sorry if this is a huge-y response, this is just a really cool expirement as i’m studying this at school about the body and it has to do with what im looking at right now!


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