The Rules Established

  1. All standard electric lights and lamps will be turned off or removed.
  2. Some “unnatural light” is permissable in the form of lanterns – as the lanterns we’ve purchased are both safe and economical and allow enough light for us to do usual evening activities without risk.
  3. The Mr. is working on a basement rennovation project which will not be completed in time for us to begin this experiment. Even in full daylight, it is dark in this room. As I’d like to get it done and he’d like to work efficiently and safely, we’ve agreed to allow for a lamp as needed for the duration of this project. It will kept to daylight hours so as not to affect the “evening darkness” portion of the experiment.
  4. Outdoor porch lights will remain on in the evenings as a matter of personal and home safety, and as a courtesy to our family members who use our driveway as a way to their barn, and are often walking in darkness.
  5. Seasonal Christmas lights on the tree are permissable as I am not willing to give up the festivity, not willing to use candles on a tree, and there will not be enough to light up a room anyway.
  6. A small wind-up or solar flashlight will be available for looking through closets etc. where use of candles would be unsafe. Said flashlight, or possibly small nightlight will also be available during sleep-hours for bathroom visits, as lighting a candle when groggy is just a bad idea.
  7. We are working on figuring out the bathroom for daytime. There is no natural light (window) available in our one bathroom, and we both appreciate morning showers.
  8. Screentime (computers, iPhones, TV) is limited to an hour after dark, and no later than 8:30 pm. Additionally, the Mr. may login to check for jobs (he’s on-call) periodically and before bed.
  9. Screentime ban does not pertain to morning. For instance, if my sleep pattern changes so that I am up for the day at 5 or 6 and it is still dark, I will be allowed to begin my workday if I so choose. Likewise, the Mr. may check for a job if need be (see #8, above). I’ve considered this carefully and think it is probably the best way to keep up productivity – it will allow an 8hr workday to begin as early as desired, leaving any late afternoon sunlight for household duties or leisure.
  10. This will not limit us socially. Our “lights out” goal only pertains to our home – if we are out, we are out, and need not worry about being home precisely before dark. It is understood, however, that we will not use being out as a method of escaping darkness. Screentime also may vary here. A movie, for example, may still be enjoyed at the theatre though it may be after dark during the winter. We agree it is reasonable, however, to aim for a 7:00 show rather than 10:30.
  11. In case of emergency, we will not hesitate to turn on some light as needed.
  12. Rules are subject to amendment or change, but we think this is a pretty good starting point
My apologies for the reposting – I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of an annoying dictionary box without doing so.

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