Preparing Supplies

Why yes, we are still planning on turning off the lights – and we’ve agreed to begin on the spring equinox which in our timezone falls on March 19th just before 10:14 pm. In case you needed to know precisely.

And so today, in prep, we bought this awesome lantern from Lee Valley Tools.

Now, I know. Technically, though not plugged into an electric socket, this is artificial light. We talked a lot about this and whether it would be antithetical to our purpose, and eventually decided it was a really practical and fair solution. Having tested it out tonight, we know that it provides enough light for us to sit at a table and read a little or play a game, but that it doesn’t really light up the room. So based on that, we deem it okay.

Basically, one little tealight generates enough heat to run eight LEDs. It’s very safe (the tealight is completely enclosed, and the lantern itself very stable), and very economical (only one tiny tealight). In addition to general safety, it’s important to me to be able to do thinks like prepare a meal with enough light to work by. While we can romanticize this entire idea of ours, modern work life does not allow me to do the chopping and prepping of our evening meal during daylight hours. Have I mentioned that safe supplies are a priority for us?


We like it. Actually, I think everybody should consider this lantern a good addition to their emergency supplies, and we definitely look forward to using it when we camp, too. It probably won’t be our only source of light. They are a bit of an investment ($100 each) and so there will be a need for secondary solutions. But it’s a really good start to our project.

Oh, we also picked up a card-game version of Cranium. We seem to think that games and such may become part of our regular evening routine.


  1. What a great lantern! And I didn’t know Cranium came as a card game. Definitely going to have to pick that one up.

    James and I have been wanting to incorporate games into our nights but haven’t been able to find fun ones. If you have any suggestions other than your typical (chess, checkers, cribbage) games for 2 people we would love to hear them!


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