First Snow

EDIT: Apparently adding pictures from my iPhone didn’t work as I’d expected. Here you go. 🙂

It’s been a while, and I have lots to share with you. Due to some renovations that have been happening around here, we’ve been without Internet for leisure. The good part of this is that we’ve had time to get things done. I’ve had a chance to read a little, stitch some, had people over for dinner (it is important to keep the landlords happy while they’re improving the house) and I’ve even been going to bed before midnight. Most nights.

I think I figured out how to blog directly from my iPhone, so here is a picture taken this evening. Weird effect on the snowflakes that I kind of liked, due to not knowing how to turn off the flash on my iPhone. We’re stuck “in” (snow tires tomorrow?) and that’s just fine with me tonight.


Miss Cora, by the way, loved her introduction to snow. She was happy and confused (mostly happy once she figured out that snow was safe and she could EAT IT).

An early morning look at the road.




  1. Fantastic pictures!! The first pic just looks funky. The falling snow makes it look like moving lights. Such fun. :0) Love the puppy prints, they made me laugh out loud. I ADORE the morning picture!! It looks like a professional print! Nice job!


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