Some New Furniture

We’re moving things around in the farmhouse – part of this is because we haven’t put everything back to normal since Thanksgiving, but part of it is way more exciting than that.

We were given a beautiful antique sideboard for our kitchen.

AKA, “I have more room for my china/dishes obsession.”

I was worried it was going to look too dark in my kitchen, but I actually really love it against the yellow wall. I’m planning to brighten things up by painting the cupboards white soon, and am considering a new light fixture as well. Now that I’m happy with the bathroom (for now), it’s time to get the kitchen the way I want it.

The sideboard is holding some freshly-washed crystal wine glasses today, and I’m sure they gleam more brightly all of a sudden!

The hanging plates are new, too. The picture isn’t great, but I love that robin’s-egg blue. There will be more coming.


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