Sunday Photos

Just a couple photos, and not much to say, on this late Sunday night.

Today we boxed up our first 1/2 dozen eggs to give away. I think there are 5 more in the fridge – we did well this week!

Early evening, we picked blackberries.

There are lots, and they’re beautiful and tasty. I’m making jam tonight (more on that later) and will have some to freeze for baking as well.

And Cora is recovering from surgery. Public Service Announcement – do NOT let your dogs get ahold of corn cobs! She gave us quite a scare. She’ll have her stitches removed later this week. But, she is eating well again, and her energy has definitely returned. I think the t-shirt look is kind of sweet (she’s tried many different colours this week). She’s been driving me crazy, whining to go out constantly, but we’re glad things turned out as they did!


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