One New Hen, and an Exciting Discovery

This is our beautiful new girl, Reba. She’s quite a lot darker (more red) than Peaches is. We are back up to four, and we now have a very colourful chicken yard.

She’s another that’s old enough to lay already, and on that note…

Our first egg! Yes, I was excited enough that I ran into the house to grab my camera. Awesome, right?

And there’s just nothing more that needs to be said about that. 🙂


  1. That’s awesome!! What happened to Peaches, dare I ask?

    So you probably know this, but they usually suggest you leave an egg or two in the nest once they start to lay… but I was told that by a client and I’m not sure why but that’s what she does. LOL


  2. Oh, Peaches is still here! We had to get rid of two roosters, so got two new hens in return (but they arrived on different days). It is hard to get a picture of all four at once (but you don’t need a picture… come by and see).

    We have a couple fake plastic eggs in there.


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