Chicken Run!

The first morning after I was home from the cruise, I was greeted by the sound of… a rooster.

The Mr. had figured out that one of our chickens was male while I was away. I admit it was a pathetic sort of crow, but it was unmistakable. Luckily, we had an agreement that if we ended up with a rooster, we could trade it back for a hen. We identified Camilla as the culprit, but were both suspicious that Marta may be a rooster as well, and as it turns out, we were right.

Our friend came by today with our new hen, Peaches. She was the lone hen that came for the trade (because we were only certain of one rooster), but since we sent both of them away, we’ll be getting another replacement in a day or two. She’s actually the mama to the two roosters, who will be processed as meat birds. Such is the way of these things. I should mention that I find it endlessly amusing that Peaches arrived in a crockpot box!

The Mr. and I went out for a little dinner tonight, and Peaches made a run for it! We were just arriving home when we received the following text message from my cousin:

We spotted a hen making a run for freedom. By the time the tractor was parked, she was out of sight. You may want to watch Chicken Run!

Very funny indeed. To be fair, I looked for it on Netflix, but no such luck. Searching for a hen in the dark isn’t a favourable task, but she was found huddled up on our front porch and promptly returned to the coop. We think it’s time to put a roof on the run.

Isn’t she lovely? She’s older than the others, so she is laying already! Stay tuned for the excitement that is sure to ensue…


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