Little House, More Room

This little house has created more room in my life for the people I love.

I call this house little, but we do of course have more space than ever before – by many fold if you include the yard. So aside from the benefit of having more physical space, I’ve found I’m home more. People can, in fact, find me here (and they do)! I’ve also found that having a farmhouse has allowed me to let go of some perfectionism. People expect stuff in the farmhouse. Thye know there’s a puppy around, that we all use the back door, and that the floors need to be swept daily whether I’ve gotten around it to or not. Things are not always pristine, and ironically, that’s made it all easier to keep clean and pretty.

With the extended family having gathered last weekend in honour of my uncle’s life, there was opportunity for some of them to visit the farmhouse. I had a couple of my “greats” over for a cup of tea and a bit of cake, and it was lovely. I’m glad to be able to open my home to people who are able to reminisce about it, and it was great fun watching them discuss where and how things used to be. They didn’t even seem to mind the purple living room walls!

Yesterday I had a friend over for dinner. You know those sorts of friendships that survives the gaps in time, because they’re really more like family? I’ve ignored some of those for far too long and decided to do something about it, so an invitation was issued. For a quick after-work dinner we thought we’d pop some burgers on the grill, and the men were so kind as to pull my barely-used patio table out of the basement and set it up for a little al fresco dining. This, my friends, is the way I was meant to live. As I sipped my gin & soda and laughed at the stories I was listening to, the horses wandered through the field behind us. The food was good, the company excellent, and the view… frankly, exquisite.

Some meals are just happier.

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