A House For The Ladies

Our chickens are arriving on Saturday! The Mr. has been very busy working on the coop, so I’ll show you some work-in-progress. I am slightly embarrassed by how long it’s been since I blogged, but these things happen.

One of the advantages to being married to somebody who works on-call is that on occasion he doesn’t get called to work and ends up Getting Things Done at home. When I left for work today the coop looked something like this:









When I got home, I was amazed to see this structure up over that old sandbox. My husband is awesome:









As an interesting note, almost all of the materials we needed for the coop and the chicken run came to us for free. The door shown above was found abandoned in our garage. A lot of the wood was scrap that our dads had. The fencing and shingles were donated by somebody who had them laying around… people clearly want eggs. We wanted to get a visual as to where the coop would sit in relation to the run, so we brought it over. Mostly, I pretended to help bring it over for the below picture (excuse the closed eyes, I thought the whole thing was pretty funny), and my dad took over from there:









The guys discussed placement options. I believe we have decided on the coop being outside of the run with their ramp leading in, roof sloping down toward the back fence with the flap for egg collection facing the yard. Subject to change, of course:









Check back in on Saturday for an update!


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