Chickens! It’s True!

My dad sent me the following list for what that old sandbox could possibly be. There are some great ideas! Here they are in case you ever have an old sandbox to deal with:

  • a sheep shearing pen
  • a pigeon loft
  • just a cleaned-up sandbox for visitors
  • a place for a garden
  • where the hot tub goes (I like this idea!)
  • a pond
  • a litter box for a lady with many cats
  • a source of sand that would be reused beneath a brick patio and/or walkway
  • a place to put a swing
  • somewhere to practice building sand castles
  • a base for a tool shed
  • a base for a greenhouse
  • a base for a playhouse
  • a base for aliens to land their spacecraft put
  • a bench beside it and run your feet through the sand on a hot day
  • a cactus garden
  • a zen garden
  • fun archeological dig area
  • source material for making your own glass
  • an eco-friendly place to make plans (just add a stick to draw things)
  • a practice sand-trap for golfers

But, I’ll stop holding you in suspense. Cynthia was right with her guess – it is going to be the base for a chicken coop. To be fair to my grandma, she also guessed correctly, but she told me in person (isn’t that sweet?). It’s true, we’re going to get chickens. Only a few for eggs, and no… no rooster.

We’re going to name one Camilla.


  1. We have two incubators lined up, my sister-in-law is making sure they are working well, AND we have a lady lined up with fertile eggs, I already forget what kind – ha! But she’s in the same neighborhood as the incubators… Any day now!


  2. Yay! I can’t wait to hear what you name the rest. This chicken bug is going around. Lee just built the Ladies their house this weekend. We’ve decided to go with welsummers, only with a rooster to increase egg output. We shall name him Rasputin! lol. The only name we have for a hen though is Ma Baker. I SO look forward to chicken pics. I’m sure your DH will build a smashing house for the lovelies…


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