Boxes, Gates, and Frogs

Yesterday, my dad asked me what I like best about living on a farm.

I was going to say it’s falling asleep while being serenaded by frogs.

I thought I might tell you it’s looking out my kitchen window and laughing at the lambs leaping through the field (they do leap. They really do).

I was pretty sure it wasn’t being unable to fall back asleep in the morning because I’m listening to sheep… though even that can be a pleasant sound on the right days.

But even though all the farm “things” I can think of are cool, I’ve changed my mind. My favourite thing about living on a farm is that we suddenly act – no, we feel – like we belong here. In the valley, on a country road, at a farm, in this little house (that Herb built). I grew up near here so I’m used to what I thought was the country, but  I was wrong. And if this feels different to me, the Mr. must feel like it’s a real culture shock.

I love that living here has made us rethink how we relate to our environment. It has inspired us and challenged us.

Today, I hung laundry outside.

Tomorrow, I am going to a workshop at Home Depot about Organic Gardening and Composting.

We’re talking about getting a couple chickens.

And the Mr. builds really great, functional things that even look pretty! We are all appreciative of  the new gate, especially Cora.

A friend of mine, upon seeing a picture of the gate, remarked that “this man was wasted in the city!” I’m inclined to agree. He’s building things because they need to be done, but also because he loves it. It’s interesting to me that this is all stuff we didn’t do, or didn’t even consider, years or even months ago, but that it seems to be a relatively easy, natural transition.

We are happier, and healthier. We spend more time outside. We do things that we’ve often wanted to do, just because that’s the way it should be done on a farm. Slowly, but eagerly, we are starting to think and act outside of the box we’ve been in for many years. It is expansive, and very, very good for us.

And I really do love falling asleep every night being serenaded by frogs.


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