This Is The House That Herb Built



My dad has recently scanned and sent me some old family photos, and I thought it would be nice to share a couple here. These are my great grandparents, Herb & Kathleen. I hope my grandma will chime in and let me know where they are standing – I believe this would be the original house on the property.

I never met Herb, and I don’t remember Kathleen, though I understand that there is a picture somewhere of her holding me when I was tiny. I am the only great-grandchild that she ever met, and the 3rd great grandchild living in her house (that’s four generations through this house, folks!). There is a rocking chair that was hers that was passed on to me… maybe it’s time to find a little space and move it in.


  1. Hi Kate –
    Your Dad passed your blog address along as I told him I am really into making soups. I am definitely going to try yours out. Your blog page is so fun – nice to read AND so informative! I am going to subscribe. Hope you are having fun on the farm!


  2. Hi Kate & Dan!
    I love your little blog!
    Your house is adorable. Just needs a housewarming party Hint. Hint.
    I’m a soup-aholic in the winter and a veggie-holic in the summer. It would be cool to share some recipes. Hm, I have a garlic and greens soup that warms your whole body. Looks great too.
    Hugs to you and your new baby puppy.


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